Rang  Hill

       He rang a viewpoint . Phuket town is a hill in the north . Cars and other vehicles can rise to the top of the road "neck Sim Bee " can have a panoramic view of the island 's line of sight . It was during the night to see the lights from incandescent household is the overview of the population that has been very popular . Within the province , and he is also a hive of health and public recreation. Thus both Thailand and overseas to visit the beautiful scenery of Phuket nightlife .   In addition to his nest atop a viewpoint then . Also the location of the Phraya Rassadanukul invention (neck Sim Bee ), one of Phuket's local ruler to respect very much. Because you have developed a modern Phuket . And flourishing , which is the foundation. Stability to Phuket today. He is also a hive of health . Parks, recreation and scenery. There is a nice restaurant on a hilltop in front of people every night. Current Viewpoint Surgeons of this city . It is also a destination of Phuket leisure time.
          Phraya Rassadanukul invention (neck Sim Bee Na Ranong ) is located at the park, Khao Rang Hill, created to honor the Lord Rattha Mahison loyalty (neck Sim Bee Na Ranong BE 1857-1913) precursor work to your advantage. The economy and society to question and provide a foundation for prosperity. To the island today.
Lord Rassada support the invention . Born in Ranong Ruler Ranong family can speak nine languages ​​and knowledge of the region particularly in the year. Since 1902 has been graciously pleased to collective municipal governance in the Province of Phuket. Prior to that road in Phuket is just the way to market. Then a foot and wagon. Rivers are silted up of mining . But after he ruled He is the owner of the mineral policy of the Bumrungmuang . To bring money to the city's development. And across multiple lines such as Yaowarat Road, City Road Mark F servant .
You also have to persuade mining companies. In several foreign investor to invest . Mining And to persuade companies to buy the ore. Phuket also bought mineral I also invite Chartered Bank . The branch location to open an account to transfer money trading ore as well. The results of various policy making Phuket steady progress. And you say that Those days there was second only to Phuket Bangkok.

In addition, the invention Phraya Rassada support (neck Sim Bee Na Ranong) then he is also a nest of venues. Another one of Phuket's beautiful . And angle for recreation. The exercise And many recreational
Phuket Airport Take Highway 402 into town. At the intersection, turn right onto School Road Phuket THL Go straight through the intersection Phuket Merlin Hotel. Log Mae Luan Road And turn right at the intersection neck Sim Bee Road. Driving along approximately 1.6 kilometers to his nest.