Karon Beach Phuket
Karon Beach is the longest beach in Phuket. Next to Kata Beach to the north. Only low hills above the beach separated only with pine and palm lined beach in general. Beach with white sand and very detailed . Beach with waves It is not popular to swim much. A popular tourist sunbathing Most relaxing walk along the beach . The beach is also equipped facilities . Shopping Roundabout and shops right on the beach. Including nightlife , too.

- Is another famous beach of Phuket.
- Beach with white sand and very detailed .
- Are popular with foreign tourists very much.
- There cater from small to large lot.
- With shopping , restaurants , spa tour packages for both small and medium businesses a lot.
- The nightlife for many travelers .
- There are a traveler or tourist taxis a lot.
- Able to travel to Kata Beach , Kata Noi Beach , just a few minutes. The beach is located in the same vicinity .
- Not as popular for swimming along the shore. Due to waves
The walk to the beach. Can be reached from the main road in both directions. If coming Kata driving down the main street to the next beach to the north, only about 5 minutes or longer routes one can travel from Patong Beach as well, it takes about 20 minutes. access to the beach and the car. motorcycle

Kata Beach
Kata Noi Beach is the smallest . Compared to Patong Beach and Karon Beach , which is the third main beach has been popular with tourists . Kata Beach is a beach that is broad and rounded . Sand and beautiful beaches suitable for swimming . And used as a training dive. Since there are corals look exotic stretches to Crab Island . About half a kilometer away from the coast Current Kata Beach is one of the most modern facilities , such as hotels, bungalows, tour companies , restaurants, pubs and bars are among the services. Kata Beach is 17 kilometers away from the city along Prince Street . To five separate Patak Road , Chalong Bay , turn right onto a minibus service from Phuket Town to Patong Beach every day.

Kata Noi Beach
 The beach at the end of the line . Taa from Kata Beach to the south. There is a small beach of fine white sand beach that is beautiful. And is popular with foreign tourists as the Kata Beach. Is one of Phuket's most famous beach . Ideal for water activities along the coast. Our hotels cater to both small and medium businesses. The walk to the beach of Kata Noi. Can be reached from the main road , only a single path. When coming from the beach Drive along Main Street to the south , next to the entrance to the beach about 5 minutes, the beach is just a small way . I can see the beach from the entrance. Because the SOL precedential not very long beach .

A small beach is sandy beaches to small rock . There are rocks and reefs and has accommodation and restaurants along the beach. Suitable for snorkeling than swimming . Although Kalim Beach out to be quiet. Compared to Patong's adjacently . However, as an alternative of need. The tranquility And convenient to restaurants. And the nightlife

Kamala is a Muslim fishing village . North of Patong Beach. Kamala beach is a beautiful one . Is about 2 kilometers long beach with sand , not much. Currently being developed from a quiet beach . Became popular with foreign tourists who stay long term. And retirement Although the area is mostly Muslim graveyard and a police outpost matter.
The property Available ranging from guesthouses apartments for rent . The international hotel Thailand as well as a small restaurant . With fresh seafood Special assistance for Kamala Beach is a magical place . As those who are staying here. No one wants to go to another The entertainment in the evening, there really is not much. If you want to find the nightlife just across the hill to Patong Beach for a few minutes. Also nearby are also available. Phuket The attraction of the show. Another place you can not miss when visiting Phuket . Also during lunch and a complimentary tuk -tuk to Patong Beach. There is also a minibus service from Phuket Town to Patong beach every day.

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