Khao  Khad
A point of view of one another. Phuket Created as a project of the Organization T.Vichit (this one I have to give him credit ) located in Wichita district , Muang, Phuket . Located in the Gulf of tamarind Close to Cape Panwa Point of view , he lacks a beautiful view of one another. Phuket has many scenic spots . But only a few that can view 360 degrees and 360 degrees of view , of course, this is true . "The view he lacks " If you talk about this viewpoint is not known whether many tourists. Or even the area itself because it will just open shortly . And where it is in a zone that is not famous sights of Phuket but the viewpoint is a fascinating new perspective not lose another point . The Phuket ever    He initially lack He was a very steep Time to go on a motorcycle ride together in some capacity , particularly to some (if not actually cool ) need to be stacked to walk. Then ride up to one Or maybe it's accessible to all. Because the road is very steep and the road is a stone ball, another crate . If you slip up and have a look ...
but now He developed He lacks a way more comfortable . Well , plus extensive asphalt road side of the pavement. For another exercise ( walk daily to guarantee fat lost , very good) , the Scenic Area has ample parking facilities below are shops selling souvenirs. And toilet Is also available ( free of gluten, I ) .Have the opportunity to The point of view of his lack of I captured the atmosphere around a friends already there ... I see a 360 degree view on this, as I said, really. Overlooking the islands around it, whether it's Chalong Bay, Cape Panwa Phuket Town, Koh Siray, including bad I could see to Krabi. (The latter to tease myself. But to really see I need clairvoyance)

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