Surin Beach , Phuket

Surin Beach is a beautiful one . Located between Kamala and Bang Tao Beach. The beach is very fine white sand . The blue sea Mesmerizing sun shines golden light . The beach area is wind is quite strong . Made popular in surfing . Of a very It also has a famous hotel is located nearby a lot as well.    Away from Phuket town, about 24 km from downtown Phuket Heroines Monument to Route 402 on the left another 12 km is a beach located along the mountainside. North Beach neighborhood are lined with pine trees and a large area above the beach on the right is the golf course. Surin beach is ideal for swimming. Because the slope In the monsoon season, there will be more storms.

- A popular surfing beaches in the monsoon season.
- The sand is white and very fine compared to many of the beaches in Phuket .
- There cater from small to large .
- With restaurants , shopping, tour packages , small and medium large .
- Has many small nightlife .

- There are various types of tourism activities by the beach .

- There are a small number of tourists or taxi.


Getting to Surin Beach Can be reached from the two main streets. If traveling from the first Thao Thao Sri Thepkasatree . Driving along the way before turning left up the hill to Surin Beach , Laem Singh Beach, Kamala Bay is on the right hand takes about 25 minutes or longer routes . If the trip from Patong Beach. Drive along the main road , it'll pass , Kamala and Laem Singh will arrive at Surin beach is on the right as well. It will take about 25 minutes.