Rang  Hill

       He rang a viewpoint . Phuket town is a hill in the north . Cars and other vehicles can rise to the top of the road "neck Sim Bee " can have a panoramic view of the island 's line of sight . It was during the night to see the lights from incandescent household is the overview of the population that has been very popular . Within the province , and he is also a hive of health and public recreation. Thus both Thailand and overseas to visit the beautiful scenery of Phuket nightlife .   In addition to his nest atop a viewpoint then . Also the location of the Phraya Rassadanukul invention (neck Sim Bee ), one of Phuket's local ruler to respect very much. Because you have developed a modern Phuket . And flourishing , which is the foundation. Stability to Phuket today. He is also a hive of health . Parks, recreation and scenery. There is a nice restaurant on a hilltop in front of people every night. Current Viewpoint Surgeons of this city . It is also a destination of Phuket leisure time.
          Phraya Rassadanukul invention (neck Sim Bee Na Ranong ) is located at the park, Khao Rang Hill, created to honor the Lord Rattha Mahison loyalty (neck Sim Bee Na Ranong BE 1857-1913) precursor work to your advantage. The economy and society to question and provide a foundation for prosperity. To the island today.
Lord Rassada support the invention . Born in Ranong Ruler Ranong family can speak nine languages ​​and knowledge of the region particularly in the year. Since 1902 has been graciously pleased to collective municipal governance in the Province of Phuket. Prior to that road in Phuket is just the way to market. Then a foot and wagon. Rivers are silted up of mining . But after he ruled He is the owner of the mineral policy of the Bumrungmuang . To bring money to the city's development. And across multiple lines such as Yaowarat Road, City Road Mark F servant .
You also have to persuade mining companies. In several foreign investor to invest . Mining And to persuade companies to buy the ore. Phuket also bought mineral I also invite Chartered Bank . The branch location to open an account to transfer money trading ore as well. The results of various policy making Phuket steady progress. And you say that Those days there was second only to Phuket Bangkok.

In addition, the invention Phraya Rassada support (neck Sim Bee Na Ranong) then he is also a nest of venues. Another one of Phuket's beautiful . And angle for recreation. The exercise And many recreational
Phuket Airport Take Highway 402 into town. At the intersection, turn right onto School Road Phuket THL Go straight through the intersection Phuket Merlin Hotel. Log Mae Luan Road And turn right at the intersection neck Sim Bee Road. Driving along approximately 1.6 kilometers to his nest.


Market  Street

    The  project aims to provide public pedestrian old town . To welcome visitors and residents in the province. Acquired taste local For a selection of products at the event. A local product with a campaign for vendors and participants dress in native also will be storytelling culture through various activities on the road to walk, which was divided into four zones: Zone Activity Zone souvenirs. Zone of students and distribution zones .

      For Phuket Old Town Community The approximately 798 people, 163 households hold a community medium (M) in the budget allocation . Which proposed major road project to walk the ramp . Provide a pedestrian area Thalang Road . From four separate water line to the intersection of Yaowarat Road, Krabi Road . By scheduled every Sunday of the week from 16:00 to 22:00 am


Wat Chalong or Wat Chaiya Tararam.

 Wat Chalong or known official is Wat Chalong is a measure invaluable famous Phuket is one of Phuket will have to visit Luang Poh Cham of Wat Chalong for a fortune but myself , Wat Chalong is replete with history. and legends Many stories have been told about how to perform miracles. No one knows when Wat Chalong was first established . However, many people believe that the original was built in the reign of King Rama II . The most important thing in the past , measuring 61.39 meters high and special pagoda construction cost 66 million baht at the home of the bones of Lord Buddha        

     He was born in the district , Luang Por Bor Saen Muang Thap Nga celebrity Luang Por Cham evident in recent times . Head of Polish Mafia is In the year 2419 , as tens of thousands of miners . Established a committee called Tong Tong in Phuket , especially those disrupting . In those days the government can not subdue it to be peaceful . Villagers fled into the temple festival. When they drew near, the mafia came inform villagers went out and invited to Luang Por Cham , Luang Por . Escaped from the Wat Chalong . Luang Por Cham did not escape him, '' You are . This measure was ordained to the priesthood since childhood . And is the temples are now. To give away to them? '' On left temple , Luang Por did not escape the abandoned temple. Luang Por Cham villagers were informed that. When you do not run away , they will ask for it , it was your father escorted to ask what is causing it.

Luang Por Cham Praehiid I made ​​a turban.
On different parcels of Thailand escort the villagers celebrate it is to persuade others. Escape into the forests to gather them together in the temple guns, knives to fight the Mafia . Gangster can not hurt and locals . It's been killing the villagers chased fled . This was the first victory of the Thailand people celebrate winning the battle of the Phuket News . Said to have made a report to His Majesty King Chulalongkorn, the King graciously invited to join the Town Board Luang Por Cham . To travel to Bangkok His reaction to his base desires , Luang Por himself. Luang Por Cham , and the band traveled to Bangkok , King Rama V bestowed the Holy Father Jean Cham. The Provost LDS relatives Ecclesiastes withholds Muni . To a position as Sagpaomkks Phuket. As for Max , who clamored would have in those days in the same inning. King signed Wat Chalong Wat Chaiya is Tararam.

Interest in the  Wat Chalong 
1 . Worship Luang Por Wat Chalong .
It is commonly known Which is subject to the divine. Virtues, Luang Poh Cham of Wat Chalong. But the villagers relied on in the fight against the Mafia . And tales of his staff to poke around a a mole or birthmark is made ​​to fade to itself ( the beliefs of the individual ) and Luang Por Cham  still have enough range. And chaplain at salt Which is to respect the faith of the villagers . Which are both renowned culinary herbs and medicinal Although the present. You will pass away But there are people who are upset about . Was to pay homage Vow uninterrupted This is All three are enshrined at the temple is beautifully constructed . Each day there will be people both Thailand and foreigners come to pray a lot.

2. Phra Maha Chedi Phra Chom Times .

King Mongkut Phra Maha Chedi pagoda building was completed on time is not long. Which is located at the back of the temple. The quiet On the first floor are many different Buddha image and pagoda on the side walls. It is a painting of the Buddha 's birth, enlightenment, Buddha periodontal New Pan wonderful to climb to the top to the shrine of relics. And outside of the Jedi Can be measured in all the sights of the beautiful .
3. Persons Abbot
The Buddha in the temple is the ancient temple. As the location of the celebration of the ancient temples. Before moving out, set in the present. The left side is a handsome old man holding a sit-piece sock. People called "cassia buds" on the right has a giant statue called Nonzee.

4 . Kuti simulation father .
The measurement simulation Kuti has prepared a wax replica of Luang Por Cham pastor during Pastor Lee Hom . And all the various elements of all three . Kuti also the shape and Thailand . Which is a very beautiful Thai Plus, when he entered into the temple , one that you will hear is a squib . Because when people are anxious to ask you to help me . When it is delicate , as requested. Usually come with a squib vow to you.


Phuket Food

Phuket local food
               Phuket is a city known for its food in Phuket is a food that has been cultural mix of native and Chinese food so spicy cuisine in Phuket thus under General . But the aura Of the mixed Chinese because Chinese is the largest ethnic group . Phuket itself  Because the people of Phuket to focus on eating a lot ( seen from the model. Popular in home building , kitchen building . The large Separate clearly ) and Phuket is the center of civilization and center of trade . Since the former makes the food in Phuket has many different kinds.

Phuket noodles

    Soup eaten for breakfast with a liquid such as water, Curry, curry, chili crab dip (shrimp paste) and eaten with vegetables and boiled eggs and steamed Patonko have several stores to choose from.
Hokkien Mee

     A round yellow noodles Larger than the characteristic size plain noodles similar to Japanese soba soy sauce . Usually fried with pork, chicken and cabbage . Carne provide enough water Some are served with lettuce , red onion, vegetables, eggs, Guilin Yeah probably put up with it. If water is Hokkien Taste the soup . It has the sweetness of the shrimp mixture . There are many more to choose from .
Mee Sua
     Breakfast in Phuket Vermicelli noodle is a kind of sleazy . Line with small white When the water will look soft. How to eat Often use blanched or boiled pork with pork , egg eating soup in the same way . In the past, often cooked noodles sleazy women with childbirth . To feed, nourish Often sold with rice gruel . There are many more to choose from .
Oh thaw
Penang Hokkien is the snack line Resemble Fried The dough will look soft.  use shells or oysters and boiled taro, cut into pieces the size of dice. As a main Stir the flour and eggs Some call it Fried Hokkien. There are many more to choose from.
Roo ba
   As an afternoon snack of Phuket. Focused on the food with pork. Further, with fried tofu and fry the pork Seminyak Chiba China bouquet of spice seasoning then wrapped with gypsum. Eat with sauce There are many more to choose from.
Chili shrimp:
    shrimp paste. Using the same ingredients as regular chili Add garlic In greater quantities Using rough pounding And put shrimp Down to mash the. Serve with vegetables Ehnaa
Pork Hong 
      Hong pork or pork soy sauce. Resemble stewed pork But do not put gravy contains ingredients Pork (use the pork belly), soy sauce, black - white, brown and sweet flavors - salted.
Chilli Rice:
       Rice cooked peppers to bring out the mix with a spicy aroma consists. Burnt garlic pounded with pepper paste, chili powder, dried coconut leaves brought seduces and Kaffir lime leaves. Ehnaa is by eating vegetables, sprouts, cucumber.                           Dim Sum:
       Dim Sum is another choice in Phuket. Most commonly eat Breakfast With either dumplings or Sierra Boo. Hah old or old fractures Piercing fried fish or pork braised chicken foot nets Chinese medicine or Chiba Good question. Eat with sweet sauce or Te Jia.


                                                        Sa Phan Hin          

     Sa Phan Hin    is a Phuket beach road extended into the sea a little. Originally established as a recreational activity, but the town is different from today, even as a vacation spot near the end. But the ending just around the analogical or monument. Considered a source of ? ? Children Phuket ? Phuket called the teenager a ride to a Circle Stone Bridge every evening to buy something to eat. To exercise in the area.

 Sa Phan Hin   is a popular vacation destination of Phuket along. Consists of a natural green tree types throughout the area. Exposed to the ecosystem of mangroves and sea in the panoramic view of Phuket with panoramic views and a shady pine trees covering the road all the way before reaching a pointed stone bridge makes people come for a drive . under the pine trees , as well as a picnic area . And activities, as well as the Sports Center pool . The Public Computer Center Youth Center , which is under the responsibility of Phuket . Shrines and places of worship skills candles deer candle greasy Lue and her skill as a place to celebrate the festival

        In the morning the stone bridge , we could see pictures of people jogging pure evening breeze is crowded with people as well as tourists . I took the family to exercise. Or to buy food Peaked during the late evening till late evening , will be market every day a day of exercise, it will always find a refreshing drink . Those living at the sharp end was bought to sit cannibalism stone bridge. Or garden adjacent to Khlong Bang Yai 

Location and Directions
  When he arrived in Phuket Town. Drive straight along this road will lead to Phuket pointed stone bridge.  Easier than it is to ask for it. If one does not know the way to the stone bridge. He was a traveler like you



       Thao Thep Kasatri & Thao Si Sunthon Heroines Monument

  Thao Thep Kasatri A sign of bravery honor of His Majesty King Rama I the Great, King Rama 1 of the Chakri Dynasty . He graciously gave it to Madam Chan. As your pearl Ladies Thao Thao Sri .   You two are a sign that the daughter of the governor Thalang Thalang I deserted. (House Showcase ) and Mother Russia or risk, also called Ma said parents have immigrated to the city in Kedah . You have 4 friends with your brother Chan is the second eldest daughter , the third is a female named Mook your dog the fourth , a man named Adolphe . (Later to become Lord Thalang . Thalang town for the other one) , the last male title . ( What is the Thalang town for release later too) . 
      If processing a story about the lives of the Thep Kasatri implying that you are a woman. That requires strenuous labor To the well-being of the country as well as from the obligation to pay tax liabilities . Sent into the Royal treasury Instead Phraya Thalang , which is not accounted for. A responsibility to the country . Do you have any strong ingenuity worthy ancestor is a parent when a threat battle. You have put the hosts Into a fight with an ingenious stratagem The enemy was victorious Protect them in Thalang In the wake of poor country Disasters of war He also refused to give up his life to the villagers sold tin mining . To salvage the economic forces are being increasingly Thalang . The Crusades and the results of your work . Thailand is an example of a woman Has been hailed as heroines Thalang.
  Old Phuket Town Sino-Portuguese.

     Phuket held that a city with a long and glorious history of the city, one of Thailand by one notch past. Phuket's glorious old building, Sino - Portuguese first created in the year 1903 due to mining. Mineral growth in the Chinese and Westerners were poured into the Town a lot. Since entering the municipality of Phuket , the first thing that went away to feel notably , it was an old building that towered in the commercial old trenches of the city is building only "Sino -Portuguese blend the art. east and West together harmoniously as unique. See more dominant of Phuket . These old buildings scattered around town . Access to a continuously are also many nice restaurants you go to eat and enjoy Phuket Municipality saw the importance of . These architectures We performed a conservative form of Sino -Portuguese architecture now. And provide another option . Of tourism Provide walking trails Phuket Old Town. To give travelers Experience the beauty of the houses of old Phuket and architecture Sino -Portuguese stunning with the culture and way of life of the commitments of the Phuket people and the food is well-known for walking the old town charm . Sino -Portuguese history is the routes . Only education worth it 
       Since entering the municipality, Phuket town , the first thing to feel notably was visiting old buildings that towered in the commercial district of the city, the old trenches . Style building "Sino -Portuguese " is a blend of Eastern and Western art together harmoniously. The unique See more dominant of Phuket . These old buildings scattered around town . Can walk continuously .
      There are also several nice restaurants you go to eat and enjoy Phuket Municipality . Saw the importance of These architectures We performed a conservative form of Sino -Portuguese architecture and this is another option . Of tourism Provide walking trails Phuket Old Town. To give travelers Experience the beauty of old houses Phuket's Sino -Portuguese architecture . Beautiful experience with culture and way of life and the key commitments of the Phuket 's famous food , walks, charming old Sino -Portuguese History is the routes . Only education worth it .

Getting to watch the old building
If no private car from Phuket town. Motorcycle ride can cost about 40-50 baht to send the old neighborhood. After walking cities. Foot indefinitely for a coastal car parking Chippewas. At what point will facilitate AOL Travel unchanged, then walk. If the car is old, it may be difficult to find parking.


                                                           จุดชมวิว 3 อ่าว


      Phuket is the largest island in Thailand. This is a place with many beautiful sights. Various forms, whether it is a break in the city by the sea, the sea, mountains, places to visit, such as Patong, Kata equipment Promthep viewpoint he lacks his nest and much more.