Phuket Food

Phuket local food
               Phuket is a city known for its food in Phuket is a food that has been cultural mix of native and Chinese food so spicy cuisine in Phuket thus under General . But the aura Of the mixed Chinese because Chinese is the largest ethnic group . Phuket itself  Because the people of Phuket to focus on eating a lot ( seen from the model. Popular in home building , kitchen building . The large Separate clearly ) and Phuket is the center of civilization and center of trade . Since the former makes the food in Phuket has many different kinds.

Phuket noodles

    Soup eaten for breakfast with a liquid such as water, Curry, curry, chili crab dip (shrimp paste) and eaten with vegetables and boiled eggs and steamed Patonko have several stores to choose from.
Hokkien Mee

     A round yellow noodles Larger than the characteristic size plain noodles similar to Japanese soba soy sauce . Usually fried with pork, chicken and cabbage . Carne provide enough water Some are served with lettuce , red onion, vegetables, eggs, Guilin Yeah probably put up with it. If water is Hokkien Taste the soup . It has the sweetness of the shrimp mixture . There are many more to choose from .
Mee Sua
     Breakfast in Phuket Vermicelli noodle is a kind of sleazy . Line with small white When the water will look soft. How to eat Often use blanched or boiled pork with pork , egg eating soup in the same way . In the past, often cooked noodles sleazy women with childbirth . To feed, nourish Often sold with rice gruel . There are many more to choose from .
Oh thaw
Penang Hokkien is the snack line Resemble Fried The dough will look soft.  use shells or oysters and boiled taro, cut into pieces the size of dice. As a main Stir the flour and eggs Some call it Fried Hokkien. There are many more to choose from.
Roo ba
   As an afternoon snack of Phuket. Focused on the food with pork. Further, with fried tofu and fry the pork Seminyak Chiba China bouquet of spice seasoning then wrapped with gypsum. Eat with sauce There are many more to choose from.
Chili shrimp:
    shrimp paste. Using the same ingredients as regular chili Add garlic In greater quantities Using rough pounding And put shrimp Down to mash the. Serve with vegetables Ehnaa
Pork Hong 
      Hong pork or pork soy sauce. Resemble stewed pork But do not put gravy contains ingredients Pork (use the pork belly), soy sauce, black - white, brown and sweet flavors - salted.
Chilli Rice:
       Rice cooked peppers to bring out the mix with a spicy aroma consists. Burnt garlic pounded with pepper paste, chili powder, dried coconut leaves brought seduces and Kaffir lime leaves. Ehnaa is by eating vegetables, sprouts, cucumber.                           Dim Sum:
       Dim Sum is another choice in Phuket. Most commonly eat Breakfast With either dumplings or Sierra Boo. Hah old or old fractures Piercing fried fish or pork braised chicken foot nets Chinese medicine or Chiba Good question. Eat with sweet sauce or Te Jia.