Sa Phan Hin          

     Sa Phan Hin    is a Phuket beach road extended into the sea a little. Originally established as a recreational activity, but the town is different from today, even as a vacation spot near the end. But the ending just around the analogical or monument. Considered a source of ? ? Children Phuket ? Phuket called the teenager a ride to a Circle Stone Bridge every evening to buy something to eat. To exercise in the area.

 Sa Phan Hin   is a popular vacation destination of Phuket along. Consists of a natural green tree types throughout the area. Exposed to the ecosystem of mangroves and sea in the panoramic view of Phuket with panoramic views and a shady pine trees covering the road all the way before reaching a pointed stone bridge makes people come for a drive . under the pine trees , as well as a picnic area . And activities, as well as the Sports Center pool . The Public Computer Center Youth Center , which is under the responsibility of Phuket . Shrines and places of worship skills candles deer candle greasy Lue and her skill as a place to celebrate the festival

        In the morning the stone bridge , we could see pictures of people jogging pure evening breeze is crowded with people as well as tourists . I took the family to exercise. Or to buy food Peaked during the late evening till late evening , will be market every day a day of exercise, it will always find a refreshing drink . Those living at the sharp end was bought to sit cannibalism stone bridge. Or garden adjacent to Khlong Bang Yai 

Location and Directions
  When he arrived in Phuket Town. Drive straight along this road will lead to Phuket pointed stone bridge.  Easier than it is to ask for it. If one does not know the way to the stone bridge. He was a traveler like you