Wat Chalong or Wat Chaiya Tararam.

 Wat Chalong or known official is Wat Chalong is a measure invaluable famous Phuket is one of Phuket will have to visit Luang Poh Cham of Wat Chalong for a fortune but myself , Wat Chalong is replete with history. and legends Many stories have been told about how to perform miracles. No one knows when Wat Chalong was first established . However, many people believe that the original was built in the reign of King Rama II . The most important thing in the past , measuring 61.39 meters high and special pagoda construction cost 66 million baht at the home of the bones of Lord Buddha        

     He was born in the district , Luang Por Bor Saen Muang Thap Nga celebrity Luang Por Cham evident in recent times . Head of Polish Mafia is In the year 2419 , as tens of thousands of miners . Established a committee called Tong Tong in Phuket , especially those disrupting . In those days the government can not subdue it to be peaceful . Villagers fled into the temple festival. When they drew near, the mafia came inform villagers went out and invited to Luang Por Cham , Luang Por . Escaped from the Wat Chalong . Luang Por Cham did not escape him, '' You are . This measure was ordained to the priesthood since childhood . And is the temples are now. To give away to them? '' On left temple , Luang Por did not escape the abandoned temple. Luang Por Cham villagers were informed that. When you do not run away , they will ask for it , it was your father escorted to ask what is causing it.

Luang Por Cham Praehiid I made ​​a turban.
On different parcels of Thailand escort the villagers celebrate it is to persuade others. Escape into the forests to gather them together in the temple guns, knives to fight the Mafia . Gangster can not hurt and locals . It's been killing the villagers chased fled . This was the first victory of the Thailand people celebrate winning the battle of the Phuket News . Said to have made a report to His Majesty King Chulalongkorn, the King graciously invited to join the Town Board Luang Por Cham . To travel to Bangkok His reaction to his base desires , Luang Por himself. Luang Por Cham , and the band traveled to Bangkok , King Rama V bestowed the Holy Father Jean Cham. The Provost LDS relatives Ecclesiastes withholds Muni . To a position as Sagpaomkks Phuket. As for Max , who clamored would have in those days in the same inning. King signed Wat Chalong Wat Chaiya is Tararam.

Interest in the  Wat Chalong 
1 . Worship Luang Por Wat Chalong .
It is commonly known Which is subject to the divine. Virtues, Luang Poh Cham of Wat Chalong. But the villagers relied on in the fight against the Mafia . And tales of his staff to poke around a a mole or birthmark is made ​​to fade to itself ( the beliefs of the individual ) and Luang Por Cham  still have enough range. And chaplain at salt Which is to respect the faith of the villagers . Which are both renowned culinary herbs and medicinal Although the present. You will pass away But there are people who are upset about . Was to pay homage Vow uninterrupted This is All three are enshrined at the temple is beautifully constructed . Each day there will be people both Thailand and foreigners come to pray a lot.

2. Phra Maha Chedi Phra Chom Times .

King Mongkut Phra Maha Chedi pagoda building was completed on time is not long. Which is located at the back of the temple. The quiet On the first floor are many different Buddha image and pagoda on the side walls. It is a painting of the Buddha 's birth, enlightenment, Buddha periodontal New Pan wonderful to climb to the top to the shrine of relics. And outside of the Jedi Can be measured in all the sights of the beautiful .
3. Persons Abbot
The Buddha in the temple is the ancient temple. As the location of the celebration of the ancient temples. Before moving out, set in the present. The left side is a handsome old man holding a sit-piece sock. People called "cassia buds" on the right has a giant statue called Nonzee.

4 . Kuti simulation father .
The measurement simulation Kuti has prepared a wax replica of Luang Por Cham pastor during Pastor Lee Hom . And all the various elements of all three . Kuti also the shape and Thailand . Which is a very beautiful Thai Plus, when he entered into the temple , one that you will hear is a squib . Because when people are anxious to ask you to help me . When it is delicate , as requested. Usually come with a squib vow to you.